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Real estate prices in Croatia
26. January 2018.

The most popular portal in Croatia 'Njuskalo' made an analysis of 158,000 active ads about real estate asking prices and the result is that prices have risen by 2,32% in 2017. 

Dubrovnik is still the most expensive market in Croatia with average price of 2,494 EUR/sqm for the apartments and 2,100 EUR / sqm for houses. The cheapest area in Croatia is still eastern part where prices for apartments are 800 EUR/sqm and 500 EUR/sqm for the houses. Pula in Istria had the biggest gains with 11% where apartments are offered for an average of 1,485 EUR/sqm. 

03. October 2016.

There are several global real estate trends in the second home market, which were noted during 2015 and 2016. Following trends are influencing investor’s decisions about their project-building concept.


The recovery in real estate values, which started in world cities in 2009, is now beginning to extend beyond the prime markets in those cities and towards second home markets and resorts.

17. September 2016.

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