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There are several ways corporate clients can partner with
The New Luxury Residences


New York - How to build what buyers wants

How to build what buyers want?

Unveling customer preferences and building according to the targeted buyers' demands is a key for developers' final sales success. The New Luxury Residences team is made of highy experienced experts who are constantly in touch with the current buyers' preferences.

We have found that there are few critical components that must work together in order to have succesful sales. If you are a developer who is mindful about the product design, type, size, price and you would like us to become your partner, please get in touch via the button below. 

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Bespoken campaigns

Bespoke campaigns

The prime purpose of marketing material is to sell when a sales team is not there to sell. It should take potential buyers on a journey and tick many boxes in their minds. They should sense the living experience and lifestyle so as to be motivated to enquire further on, visit the place and finally decide to buy a property. 

The New Luxury Residences has a proven record of bespoke marketing and sales campaigns based on real market experiences. Get in touch for more information about what we can do for your residential project.

Bespoke campaigns

Sales Superstar

Become a sales superstar

Take your sales team to a brand new level! If you are wondering what is unique about your specific product and how to implement it into sales tehniques of your sales representatives, our training team can provide the best solution for you. 

In order to help you meet the specific requirements of your potential buyers, The New Luxury Residences can create a bespoke sales training by combining everything that your property brand offers. When your sales massage has a WOW FACTOR, you naturally sell out the properties to your ideal clients! For further information please contact one of our team members.

Become a sale superstar