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The new meaning of 'Luxury'


The new meaning of 'Luxury'

17. September 2016.

It is not accidentally that our logo is The New Luxury Residences and Consultancy. We are part of the new luxury economy which is based on the new values of protecting the consumer and the brand…let me explain..

Today we are experiencing the new evolution of the term ‘luxury’ - it is added value to our well being, it is quality over quantity, strong desire for authenticity, new experiences or an inspirational moment – everything where customer undergoes positive change.

We are willing to buy experiences that will recharge and revitalize us that are automatically leading us to better lives.

B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore from Harvard Business School has foreseen this and described it in “Experience Economy” – ‘product innovation in consumer markets is a multi-staged progression of economic value from commodities to goods to services to experiences to personal transformations, where a better you becomes the product.’

Our company core values are based on the new luxury movement. We are aware that inspirational moments are the new five star service and therefore, our service is concierge-style and bespoke. We are aware that our clients don’t necessarily want to purchase the residence to define who they are as they don’t see it as achievement or trophy. Instead, collecting family memories and unique experiences might be the main motivation. 

From the other hand, when consulting developers on type of property or marketing and sales campaigns, our starting point is the perspective and motivation of the new luxury client.

Those are the reasons why we always have win-win situation!

Our philosophy https://www.thenewluxuryresidences.com/about is based on these grounds.

If you have any questions or want to make an enquiry please contact us on info@thenewluxuryresidences.com

Welcome to The New Luxury Residences and Consultancy!