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The Rooster - Lifestyle & Wellness Resort

€855 / night
1 Bedroom

There is a place hidden as a gem on a tiny Greek island. A place of freedom and rejuvenation, of spiritual awakening  and unwinding, of inspiration and deep relaxation. The Rooster is built within a 30 acre land of hills, ruins, rocks and sand dunes located above a magical unspoilt beach, Livadia. 

Superbly camouflaged 17 houses are in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape. The result is a warm and homey-like environment, where one can unwind and relax. The interior design, conceived to create an air of a private shelter, allows for spacious and elegant indoor areas, reflecting a casual chic style with an eclectic attitude.

Antiparos lies in the southern Aegean, as the heart of the Cyclades. Less than one nautical mile (1.9 km) away from the larger island of Paros.A local ferry travels from port to port at a regular daily schedule. The Rooster is located 6,0 km away from the port of Antiparos. 

Its restorative alchemy is making Antiparos an attractive destination for those who seek privacy, wellness, history, a much needed connection with nature, and nostalgic summer nights created by the smells of salty winds, tastes of local food, unconcern feelings and walks among the narrow painted streets of the Chora main village, magical sunsets, hikes, boat trips, and activations that root within us.

Endowed with sheer natural beauty, golden sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and wilderness landscaping, this island still remains partially unspoiled. Livadia Beach, the unspoilt beach where The Rooster was born, offers Antiparos most beautiful sunset views and is ideal for daily swims, sunbathes, sun kissed happy people and surfers.

The Restaurant is the food-hub of the resort and it includes a variety of Greek and international dishes freshly made by their chefs. There is a range of healthy and delicious dishes to choose from that combine The Rooster’s garden produce with traditional regional recipes.

The Bar is the perfect spot to enjoy sophisticated drinking, whilst admiring unparalleled views of the sea and the best sunset on the island.

At the House Of Healing, you will follow a pathway of reconnection with nature and your inner selves. Before each session, the House Of Healing experts will provide you with your own personalized in-depth wellness consultation.

If you wish to enjoy the stay at 1,2 or 3 bedroom houses at The Rooster, please contact us for the full rate sheet, inclusions and policies.

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