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Why buy through us?

Everyone has a dream property and it is our sincere desire to do the utmost to make this dream come true. It is not only a promise but a commitment.

On your way of finding a property of your dreams or investment nest, you might have some cautions and concerns. There are many aspects of the buying process especially in a foreign country that require an explanation and professional assistance. The more you are informed, the better position you will be in when the time comes to sign the papers. It is then that we come in - offering a diligent approach to secure our clients with the guidance, prompt information and bespoke service.

Our extensive knowledge about resort real estate markets particularly on the Adriatic coast but also in the other Mediterranean countries makes our service and expertise unique. The New Luxury Residences value itself by providing clients with access to unrivaled network of luxury lifestyle residences, many of which would never hit the open market.

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