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ÖÖD Signature Mirror House

1 Bedroom

Are you interested in an investment that pays off in 2 years? Are you an experienced hotel manager or just starting off? Or you have a land and you want to make your small tourism place which brings you good ROI?

ÖÖD Signature Mirror houses are good solution for everyone - hotel owners and land owners. 

Experienced hotel owners see ÖÖD houses as a smart way of adding value to their existing property. Others see it as a smart and lucrative way of jumpstarting their hospitality business.

The concept and unique design enables the house to be rented out easily with an above market price. This is being practiced already by entrepreneurs from 12 countries around the world.

Starting off with a few hotel rooms and expanding into a whole hotel complex of numerous rooms and auxiliary buildings for reception, meeting rooms, restaurant, gym or a sauna has never been easier.

ÖÖD Signature Mirror houses are beautiful, bold, stylish, and comfortable, yet their most significant trait is that they are designed to blend seamlessly with their surroundings. This has been producers guiding philosophy — harmony with Nature. The moment you step into one of the houses, you’re engulfed in your surroundings, you become one with it, while safely cocooned within the confines of comfort.

ÖÖD Signature Mirror House is a modern living space designed and developed for accommodation purposes. ÖÖD houses are designed in a distinctive reflective style to blend in seamlessly with the surroundings. The house is covered on three sides with mirror glass  providing a genuine emotion of spending the night in the middle of nature.

The design of ÖÖD is unique and easily enhances the productivity of your investment.

  • Investment that pays off in 2 years
  • Sustainable source of passive income
  • Experience, not just an accommodation
  • Product that markets itself through #
  • High percentage of returning visitors
  • Premium design stands out
  • Exceptional landscapes foster great ROI

ÖÖD Signature Mirror Sauna, Working or Playing Room also available at request. 

It is not just a trend, it's a lifestyle! Contact us for more information. 

45.8401061, 15.8208135

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